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Range Hoods

Exciting new technologies, like the unique self-cleaning and filter-less features of the Power Series sets Zephyr apart from the competition, offering high performance blowers wherein cooking residue is liquefied in the sealed housing and drained into a pair of clean cups, so no cooking residue will accumulate in motors or ductwork.

Sleek designs, too, are at the heart of Zephyr’s success, with their 2000 introduction of the art of European styling to high-power kitchen ventilation through the highly anticipated Europa Collection. In this truly unique line, glass canopies and stainless steel are fused in seamless one-piece construction, with metal molded into distinctive shapes that make a unique fashion statement in any kitchen. Blending stunning aesthetics with top-quality performance, Zephyr has elevated ventilation to new heights, both from a functional and style perspective.

But as exciting as Zephyr’s products are, the company is so much more than the sum of its product lines. In fact, perhaps what Zephyr is known best for is its unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction and service, and its commitment to constant improvements. Innovative design and quality engineering are uncompromising fundamentals within the Zephyr philosophy.

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