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Septic & Sewerage Systems
Septic System

EZ Flow is an environmentally friendly replacement to traditional stone in septic drainfields. Pre-assembled units include a 4 perforated pipe surrounded by aggregate and held in place with durable high strength netting. The product comes in 10 ft. lengths and 13 diameters. Bundles are quick to install using simple snap internal couplers

Septic Tanks

The Infiltrator TW Series Single Compartment Septic Tanks are offered in 300 and 500 gallon sized. The IM-1060 septic tank is a 1060 gallon, 2 compartment septic tank, suitable for use as a septic tank, pump tank, or nonpotable rainwater tank.

Chamber System

The Infiltrator Chamber System is a direct replacement for old-fashioned stone and pipe leachfields. Fast, easy installation saves time and money. They come in easy-to-handle 4 ft. lengths, providing the quickest drainfield installation in the onsite wastewater industry. These chambers can be installed with as little as 6 inches of soil in shallow cover applications.

Effluent & Sewage Pumps

Sump, Sewage, Effluent, and Water Removal System for Residential, Light Commercial, and Industrial Applications.

Septic  & Sewerage Systems
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