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Style is about desirability, it reflects the way in which Fisher Paykel does things. It’s not only the way Fisher Paykel design their products; it’s the way in which they evolve in response to change. Integrity is about building relationships with their customers, it reflects the way Fisher Paykel goes about their business; the trust behind their reputation; the way in which they build their values. Care reflects how Fisher Paykel looks after all with whom they come in contact; their respect for the environment; and the way in which their people go about their roles. Innovation is Fisher Paykel's heart; they are innovative in all that they do, from the big ideas through to the detail.

Having learned about electronic drive systems through their flexible manufacturing equipment, Fisher Paykel applied the knowledge to driving appliances. The world’s first appliance using Brushless Direct Current Motors was introduced in the 1980’s. This design later gave way to the development of the Smart Drive™ clothes washer.

The next platform innovation was the DishDrawer™ dishwasher. This too was an evolution of the washer technology. Using smart electronics to control brushless DC motors that could be constructed to fit in a minimum of space. The flexibility, convenience and style created a genuine difference from our competitors. This product has lead Fisher Paykel's export drive into the USA and Europe.

The latest in the line up is the SmartLoad™ Dryer developed for the USA market that is the world’s first large capacity top loading dryer. It stands along side the Smart Drive™ washer and employs similar technology.

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