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"All the POWER without the HEAT"

Diva Induction Cooktops will give you a totally different view on electric cooking. Picture a cooktop that gives you the power and control of a gas flame instant heat on and off with the speed and convenience of a light switch. Boil water in half the time of the most powerful gas or electric burner. Cook a Holiday meal in half the time it took last year. Even when compared to a microwave nothing can match the speed power and safety of the Diva Induction Cooktop.

The principle of induction revolves around electromagnetic energy. An alternating current is created by the induction coil in turn creating a magnetic field that transfers to the cookware which excites the metal molecules creating heat. In short only the cookware heats up. Diva Induction burners deliver 20,000 BTU's more power than conventional gas or electric cooktops using 25% less energy and still remaining control to the touch.

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Diva Induction

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