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Cooking Hoods

From the balance and symmetry of sculpted marble, to the rich, warm tones of Tuscan Red and Naples Yellow, Italian style has influenced designers and seduced decorators with its unique aesthetic. Best® has incorporated a passion for design into each of our unique and beautiful products – uniting uncompromising function with superior style.

Every room needs an element that defines the space while complementing everything around it. It may be a striking centerpiece that commands attention, or an unassuming object poised for function. Best® island hoods serve these needs beautifully. High Style or high function, there's a Best range hood that will define your kitchen.

Open up your kitchen and create a stunning focal point. Demonstrate your bold sense of design. Best® chimney hoods can help you achieve any aesthetic you desire, whether it's ultra clean Eurodesign, traditional, or eclectic. Our unique use of materials and form will help you express the style that's uniquely your own.

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